• Dubai Travel

    Desert Dreams in Dubai

    You could not been in Dubai without going on a desert safari. During our desert safari we went cruising with the quad, ride on a camel and immersed ourselves in Arab culture. If you…

    19 April 2018
  • Dubai Travel

    Our Highlights of Dubai

    Dubai is a modern city that has a lot to offer, from huge shopping malls to beautiful beaches. The entire city was built in less than 50 years and has evolved from an untouched…

    1 April 2018
  • Dubai Travel

    The Ultimate Dubai Travelguide

    Dubai, the city that has started as a desert and became the shopping center of the Middle East in less than 50 years. At the moment, Dubai is still under construction so the street…

    25 March 2018
  • België Travel

    Villa Nostra, a true homecoming feeling

    The cozy bed & breakfast “Villa Nostra” is located on the Millennium Golf course, the recreational area De Paalse Plas and at the Limburg cycle route network. This cozy and luxurious B&B is operated…

    13 March 2018
  • Laos Travel

    Things to do in Luang Prabang

    Laos was still an unknown destination for us. The only thing we knew about Laos is that it’s know for its backpackers and nature lovers. We chose to explore the unique town of Luang…

    18 February 2018
  • Indonesia Travel

    Borobudur & Parmbanan in Java

    Everyone knows Bali, but Indonesia has so much more to offer. The island Java for example, which is the heart of Indonesia with the bustling capital Jakarta. This large island has impressive natural wonders such…

    15 February 2018
  • Travel Singapore

    The hidden treasures of Singapore

    Everyone knows the popular attractions such as Gardens by the Bay, Haji Lane, Lau Pa Sat, … For sightseeing outside these known places, it might be useful to visit these 3 hidden treasure of…

    9 February 2018