11 x delicious breakfasts and lunches in Bruges

19 January 2022
ontbijten in Brugge

Breakfast in Bruges, the most hip and trendy breakfast and lunch spots are right here! Bruges is not only a historical city, it is also worth a visit on a culinary level! There are endless options in terms of restaurants and food hotspots, but we would like to list the nicest and best breakfast and lunch addresses for you!

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Breakfast in Bruges, lots of options!

Nomad Brugge

Located at ‘t Zand in the centre of Bruges, we find the trendy restaurant ‘Nomad’. The sleek Norwegian interior, the covered terrace and the half-open kitchen are a few of the reasons why Nomad convinced us. The name refers to the period in which the owners lived in South Africa, and also took over an organic farm in Bruges. This farm is even a purveyor to the royal household of organic products! A guaranteed breakfast or lunch to lick off your fingers and thumbs!

Address: ‘t Zand 12 , Brugge


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That’s toast

Breakfast all day! This hip bar is located in Bruges and Antwerp and is one of Bruges’ many healthy hotspots. All dishes are home-made and there is an extensive choice for vegetarians. You can also enjoy tasty avocado toast, home-made granola with a tasty coffee or home-made lemonade all day long. They also have a beautiful courtyard garden, where you can enjoy their various dishes when the weather is nice.

Address: Dweersstraat 4, 8000 Brugge


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Margritt Brugge

This breakfast-lunch-coffee bar located in the Sint Amandsstraat is a cosy place to enjoy the impressions of the city. Owner Sofie named the coffee bar after her grandmother, who raised her. Besides good coffee, cappuccino, espresso and latte, you can also go here for delicious cakes, a refreshing breakfast and a healthy lunch. P.S.: look on the board for the fresh lunch dishes and soup of the day!

Address: Sint-Amandsstraat 30, 8000 Brugge


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Li o Lait 

At Li o Lait, it is as if you step back in time: vintage furniture, colourful floral wallpaper, the artworks of painter Roger Gobron and the smell of coffee. The historical setting in the Dweersstraat in Bruges immediately gives you a warm welcome. The inspirers of the shop, Li Vandamme and Lieven Verstraete, who is best known as the presenter of Terzake, are happy to take you into the world of coffee. Li has been trained as an accomplished ‘barista’ and they work together with the artisanal roaster Or. They have 1001 types of coffee that are prepared the grandmotherly way. This has already won them the award of ‘best coffee bar in Bruges’ in 2018! If you’re not a coffee lover, then you have plenty of choice from the various homemade sodas, iced teas, and juices, and a limited selection of artisanal brewed beers. Furthermore, Li O Lait has a nice menu with delicious bagels and tapas for two.

Address: Dweersstraat 30, 8000 Brugge


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Kaffee Kamiel 

A trendy brunch spot in the shopping centre of Bruges where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch & cake “differently”. Think yoghurt bowls, french toast & american pancakes to salads, sandwiches & hot lunch dishes. Everything is fresh and home-made with love. The name Kamiel refers to the son who carries the name of both great-grandfathers.

Address: Zilverpand 7 – 8000 Brugge


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Basiel coffeebar, urban greenhouse (breakfast take away)

Basiel Urban Greenhouse stands for plants, nature, franchise, (d)eco, coffee and knits! The couple created a small Bruges paradise in green. The name Basiel comes from their French Bulldog, who is the mascot of the business. You can come here for a nice coffee, but also for tea and freshly served juices. Prefer something savoury or sweet? Be sure to try the fresh soup or homemade vegan cake!

Address: Mariastraat 13, 8000 Brugge

Books and Brunch

Foodie and bookworm? Then Books & Brunch is the place to be! No new books, but budget-friendly second-hand books & organic food. Did you know that many Bruges residents are avid book collectors? Whether you want to sit with your nose in the books and newspapers, do some work or simply enjoy a nice brunch, everyone is welcomed with open arms.


Address: Garenmarkt 30, 8000 Brugge


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Sanseveria Bagelsalon 

With 2 branches, one in Bruges and the other in Ostend, Sanseveria is a thriving and hip concept. New York bagels with a Burgundian twist are served in Instaproof living room where you can have breakfast, brunch and lunch to your heart’s content. You even imagine yourself in some American big city!

Address: Predikherenstraat 11, 8000 Brugge


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The Gulliver Tree

The Gulliver Tree feels like a cosy living room with its large sofa and easy chair around the fireplace. The homely atmosphere is really up to scratch! As the name suggests, there is a strong link with England. Mama Anny is of English origin and wanted to make a link with her family tree. She will be happy to welcome you in their tea and coffee house in the centre of Bruges, together with her 2 daughters Janey and Jilly. Besides coffee and tea, you can also find a wide selection of teas and delicious homemade cakes that you really should try! People with allergies or intolerances are also welcome here – you can count on alternatives such as spelt bread.

Address: Cordoeaniersstraat 4, Brugge


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Kottee Kafee 

Located between the 2 busy shopping streets, you will find Kottee Kafee. Bruges foodies love coming here for their artisanal desiccated bread, slow-roasted coffees and delicious teas. Fresh local products form the basis of the Kotte Kafee menu! Breakfast, daily fresh soup, lunch and homemade cakes are their trump cards, which are nicely balanced with a wide range of coffee and tea.

Address: Korte Zilverstraat 8, Brugge


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An easy-going and welcoming breakfast, lunch and coffee bar. Your go-to spot for a little reset in your busy life. Blackbird believes in uncomplicated food with colourful flavours and an all-plant focus.

Address: Jan van Eyckplein 7, 8000 Brugge


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I hope you also enjoyed breakfast in Bruges. Planning a trip to Ghent? Discover the 38 best breakfast spots in Ghent here!


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