5 things you should do in Benidorm

2 September 2017


Cycling through Sierra Helada

The best way to discover Benidorm is undoubtedly the electric bike! Tao bike is a small company that sells and rent electric bikes with an eye for the environment. The shop itself is decorated with recycled material, hand-made furniture, and energetically speaking as much sustainable as possible. The bikes are beautiful, very comfortable and incredibly fast. They are not comparable to the electric bikes we know in Belgium. With these bikes you only have to step 1 time and you’ll go 5 meters forward, love it!
Ideal for a ride in the mountains of Sierra Helada, because of the high temperatures. Sierra Helada is Benidorm’s largest natural park and is located at the Mediterranean Sea. There are several routes for both cyclists and hikers, where you can discover hidden bays, beaches, the fauna and flora. We have cycled to the viewpoint ‘Punta del Cavall’, where you have a beautiful view over the sea which is separated from the country by impressive cliffs.

! BE AWARE: For those who have a drone, don’t fly at the viewpoint because there were already a few crashes with drones! Yes, one of our group had one too . Just enjoy the moment itself! 

View over the city of Benidorm

Vlogger @ work

Punta del Cavall

Like a fish in the water 

Benidorm is located at the Mediterranean Sea, so there are plenty of water activities to do. We chose jet skiing, paddle surfing and diving.
It was for Yannick and me the first time we went jet skiing so we were very excited! First, they will take you to a spot further from the coast and will explain how to control the jet ski. After that, you just have to follow the ‘mentor’ into the sea and afterwards you can go ahead! The sea was pretty rough, which made it even more fun! Everything was also done under supervision, so when you have a problem they can help you anytime. After the jet skiing (and of course an extensive lunch like they do in Spain ) we went on a boat. By chance, this was the private boat of a Belgium guy who lived in Benidorm for 30 years. He has a business called Marco Polo and does outdoor events. By chance, he studied also at the same university as we did! What a small world, right? This boat led us to a more enclosed bay in Sierra Helada where we could try the next activity, paddle boarding! This looked very easy, but I cannot confirm this unfortunately . It takes some practice and balance, but once you get right up on your board, you will be satisfied. If it doesn’t work for you, you can always paddle on your knees. It’s a fun thing to do and it’s really relaxing, so you will feel completely zen after this.
Last but not least, we went diving at a local diving school ‘Diving Stones’. It was for us already the 3th time we went diving, the first time was in Corfu and the second time in Koh Tao Thailand. Honestly, our expectations were not very high given our previous diving. Our dive was on Benidorm Island. There is a myth about the island, that it was thrown away from the mainland of Benidorm by the giant to provide more sunshine and to save his loved one. Because she was very sick and the only thing that could safe her was sunlight. It was really the first time we had such clear water, with a visibility of 20-30 meters that day, which is very good. The underwater world was definitely worth the effort, we saw (for the 1st time) a squid and a very special fish with a rather difficult name I forgot .

Discover the underwater world at Benidorm island

Adrenaline boost

After all the water activities, we went searching for some adrenaline on the mainland. Our first stop was at the Terra Mitica theme park. The park consists of 5 zones namely Egypt, Greece, Rome, Iberia, and the Islands (of the Mediterranean). Personally, I was mostly impressed by the Egyptian part and it really felt like I was in Egypt, with the impressive pyramids and giant sphinxes. There are many different attractions from roller coaster to water attractions. Especially the water attractions are advisable, considering the high temperatures in summer, so refreshment is always welcome. Then we went to the Greek part, where the famous city of Santorini was rebuilt. Here you can have a delicious and extensive lunch in a traditional restaurant where they prepare typical dishes like moussaka, meat and fish dishes.

Pyramids in theme park Terra Mitica

The last activity was swimming with sea lions, this was in the Aqualandia water park. The park itself is ideal for families with (smaller) children. I have already swum with dolphins in the past, but never with sea lions. These animals were not from the park itself, but from a couple from Switzerland. They had adopted the animals in the past from other amusement parks, where they served as show animals. The animals were treated well and for the couple is was like they were their own children. What I think is a very important aspect. First, we got some information about the animals themselves and we were able to meet the 3 big gangsters. After that you get the chance to swim with them. A unique experience that I will always remember!

AIN’T NOBODY FRESHER THAN MY CLIQUE ! ? #sealiongang #visitbenidorm #benilovers #hetisdemerckxinspain

Een bericht gedeeld door Yannick Merckx (@hetisdemerckx) op

Oui, c’est chic 

If you have still some time left and like to do some extra activities, we do have some highlights here! For the last day, we chose for a somewhat quieter program, which we started in Bodegas Mendoza. This is a small-scale winery in Alicante started by Enrique Mendoza in the 1970s. We had a tour from his son, who explained all the parts of the process of making the wine. After that it was time to taste the different wines, which was also the part that everyone looked forward to. We’ve tasted both the red, white wine and the rose. I have to admit that my knowledge of wine is not so extensive, but everyone loved the different flavors .

Bodegas Enrique Mendoza

Enjoying my glass of wine and the environment


After the wine tasting, we went to the Melio Villaitana hotel in Alicante. This 5-star hotel is highly sought after by golfers, as there are 2 golf courses with each 18 holes. Personally, I found the area very beautiful and well looked after. If you want to play, you need to have a certain handicap and otherwise you can have a initiation lesson. Because nobody of our group played golf, we choose to make a tour on the site with the golf buggys.

Trying to play golf in Melio Villaitana hotel


  1. Electric bike tour
  2. Jet skiing
  3. Diving on Benidorm Island
  4. Paddle boarding
  5. Swimming with sea lions

Practical tips:

  1. Low cost airlines offer direct flights to Alicante, 45 min from Benidorm
  2. Electric bicycle is an ideal way of exploring the city
  3. Outside the city, take a taxi or bus
  4. Because Benidorm is surrounded by mountains, there is a micro climate. So you don’t have to worry about the weather, it’s almost every day sunny.
  5. The daily cost is lower than in Belgium


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