Het is de Merckx is an personal blog and YouTube-project that is born out the passion of making people laugh by telling a story in a creative way

 The Team

 I’m Yannick, born and raised in Antwerp and founder of this blog. On this blog you will find more information about the story behind my videos, anecdotes, behind-the-scenes and much more. My videos will mostly be about my travel adventures and special experiences, social experimentations and a variety of everyday topics that I encounter as a young guy.

My goal is very simple, making you smile. Your smile is my purpose and I am trying to accomplish this by being passionate about the things I do and to radiate this.

 My name is Lesley, the faithful travel buddy of Yannick. You’ll see me often in the different travel video’s and on many photo’s. I really love to write so that’s why I take the blogposts as my responsibility. I’ll try to take you to various locations and giving a realistic and practical picture/image of our experiences with different hotels, places and excursions. Yannick and I hope to create an extra dimension to what you see in the videos!

My ambition is to give great anecdotes and tips & to give a fair impression of different places. In this way, we like to encourage you all to explore the world, because ”Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer!”

To further explore my personal top moments, you can follow these on my microblog @lesleystraveldiary.