Adang Island Resort – Back to Basics in Luxe

10 April 2019
adang island resort

Living on an uninhabited island is something idyllic, but on Ko Adang it becomes reality because of Adang Island Resort. The only resort on this rugged island near the tropical Ko Lipe. You may be able to camp on Ko Adang, but this resort has a monopoly on receiving guests on this beautiful, green island that is not as known as other islands in Thailand.

Adang Island Resort

Het Resort

First of all to reach the resort you have to book a ferry to Ko Lipe. Then walk to the other side of the island where a ‘taxi boat’ will pick you up. It may sound cumbersome, but there is someone in the Adang Island Resort who will communicate with you about the details. Ko Adang is a ten minute boat ride with a longtail boat from Ko Lipe. Even more, the resort provides a free taxi service at 9h00, 10h30, 13h00, 16h00 and 20h30. Due to the taxi service, you’re still in contact with the ‘real’ world and you can enjoy the vibrant Ko Lipe.

adang island resort


You’ll be received as a king upon arrival. After a refreshing drink you’ll be escorted to your bungalow where you can enjoy the pool and the surrounding peace that you can experience there.

Don’t worry, the Adang Island Resort offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and the quality and serving are pretty good! We had one dinner at the resort and our red curry was so big that we couldn’t even finish it together. In contrast, The breakfast is a bit disappointing. You can choose between eggs, pancakes and a chicken salad. All three are not exactly top notch and the buffet they offer is not a culinary highlight.

Activities on Ko Adang

Adang Island Resort has enough kayaks so guests can go kayaking at any time of the day. Well, the tide must be favorable to dock off, but you can ask the helpful staff of the resort about that. The opportunity to discover your own private beach is a feeling that you can’t quite get anywhere else.


adang island resort


Then there’s the island’s must-do.

Walk to the pinnacle with panoramic views of Ko Lipe. I must warn you that it’s a very straining walk. From base to top it’s only thirty minutes, but it may be the spiciest one of your whole life!

Take plenty of water with you and protect yourself from the sun. A large part of this hike is in a flat area without any trees protecting you. The effort is worth it though just take a look at this:

During the walk to the viewpoint you can take an alternative road to the waterfall of the island. Unfortunately it was dry season during our visit, so there were no waterfalls. However, it must be worth it, so check in advance before visiting Ko Adang.

In conclusion, Ko Adang is the perfect spot to refill the energy tank. Therefore it’s an ideal place to listen to the primal sounds of nature and just a reminder that you really do not need much to be happy.

adang island resort

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