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  • Brugge

    The Best B&Bs In Bruges: Our Top Picks

    Where to stay in Bruges, the enchanting medieval city of Belgium. Bruges is a popular tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. Visitors flock to Bruges to experience the charm of its…

    6 March 2023
  • Germany

    Citytrip to Hanover [Travel vlog]

    Our Travel vlog about Hanover Hanover with the H for history! There are so many places to explore in Hanover. We have put our personal highlights in one big travel vlog. The highlights in…

    20 July 2018
  • Mexico

    We Love Mexico!

    A short compilation of our trip to Mexico. From our visit to Chichen Itza to the trendy streets in Tulum, you see it all in the video. Let us know what you think! 🙂…

    15 January 2018
  • Iceland

    Roadtrip in Iceland

     We have recently been in Iceland. This vlog is about our adventure, exploring iceland by just driving around or “road tripping” and seeing what we encounter. Enjoy the vlog and do not forget a thumbs up!…

    5 December 2017
  • Spain

    Discovering secret nudist beaches in Benidorm

    In our previous post we mentioned it already, but with this vlog we would like to confirm it again: Benidorm is not for old people! Beautiful nature reserves and even a few hidden spots…

    14 September 2017
  • Spain


    In Belgium, Benidorm is equivalent to a holiday resort for elderly people. We have found that this is not the case with its southern temperatures, nice beaches, trendy beach bars and energetic activities. The…

    13 September 2017
  • Italy

    Madness on Lake Garda!

    After our short but powerful Venice adventure, we looked forward to spend some time on Lake Garda. The perfect moment to fly with the drone and relax on the boat. How that went, you will…

    1 September 2017
  • Italy

    Looking for San Marco

    The big day had finally arrived. It was time to explore Venice and visit the famous St. Mark’s Square. One problem: Venice is much bigger and more complicated than we thought with all those…

    31 August 2017