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Are you looking for your next destination in Thailand? We give you travel tips and inspiration for the most beautiful destinations in Thailand.

  • South Thailand

    How to get a visa for Thailand

    Thailand is known as the ‘Land of smiles’ and hasn’t stoles it’s name. The first time we visited Thailand was the moment we felt in love with Asia. Most of travellers make a round…

    6 May 2018
  • Thailand

    Eating a Scorpion

    A busy day in Thailand ! First we visited the Chatuchak Market, the biggest weekend market of Asia with more than 10.000 stands and 200.000 visitors every weekend! Afterwards we went to the skybar…

    24 January 2017
  • Thailand

    The Grand Palace & Dining as Will Smith

    After a rater calm but exhausting first day, it was time for us to get the full Bangkok experience. Day 2 was one of the most hectic but also most beautiful days of our…

    26 October 2016
  • Thailand

    The Golden Giant of Bangkok – Wat Pho

    After a exhausting flight of about 12 hours, we arrived in the big Bangkok. When we got off the skytrain, we were overwhelmed by the crowds, heat, countless strange smells and huge buildings. Bangkok…

    6 October 2016