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Are you looking for your next destination in Italy? We give you travel tips and inspiration for the most beautiful places in Italy.

  • Dolomites

    Hiking in the mountains of the Dolomites

    The Dolomites is North Italy at its best! It is one of the hidden gems of Southern Europe with its impressive and pure nature. Hikers and sports enthusiasts can certainly go wild here, but…

    1 July 2018
  • house Bossa

    Our 5 favourite places in sunny Sardinia

    The characteristic Sardinia is an island with beautiful nature, incredible beaches, prehistoric nuraghi and countless cosy streets. With its 1.2 million inhabitants it is much less densely populated than its sister Sicily. On this…

    23 June 2018
  • Italy

    La Buona Vita in Sicily

    Sicily, the largest island of the Mediterranean sea and part of ‘La Bella Italia’. Everyone that has visited Sicily said it is a beautiful and versatile island. So it was time to explore this island! Sicily,…

    20 April 2018
  • Italy

    Madness on Lake Garda!

    After our short but powerful Venice adventure, we looked forward to spend some time on Lake Garda. The perfect moment to fly with the drone and relax on the boat. How that went, you will…

    1 September 2017
  • Italy

    Looking for San Marco

    The big day had finally arrived. It was time to explore Venice and visit the famous St. Mark’s Square. One problem: Venice is much bigger and more complicated than we thought with all those…

    31 August 2017
  • Italy

    My Interrail Adventure To Venice

    I had the unbelievable opportunity to leave for a short week on an interrail trip to celebrate the end of my student years. I also did not go alone and took my good study…

    1 August 2017