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Are you looking for your next destination in Spain? We give you travel tips and inspiration for the most beautiful places in Spain.

  • giralda sevilla

    Sevilla the New Hotspot

    Sevilla is located south of Spain in the province of Andalusia. Expect a southern climate, very good location, cheap food and drink, authentic hotels and many attractions. A beach does not have the sunny…

    27 December 2018
  • Spain

    24 hours in the bustling Alicante, let’s go!

    Alicante, one of the largest cities of the Costa Blanca. This attractive city has a coastline of 218 km and 330 days of sunshine per year. Alicante is situated between Benidorm (45 km) and…

    25 June 2018
  • Spain

    Ibiza, the Hippie island (Marble Stella Maris)

    Ibiza is mainly known for its crazy discotheques and extensive ‘party scene’. On the other hand, this island has some beautiful rough nature with impressive sunsets, which are highly appreciated by photographers. We went…

    8 May 2018
  • Spain

    Discovering secret nudist beaches in Benidorm

    In our previous post we mentioned it already, but with this vlog we would like to confirm it again: Benidorm is not for old people! Beautiful nature reserves and even a few hidden spots…

    14 September 2017
  • Spain


    In Belgium, Benidorm is equivalent to a holiday resort for elderly people. We have found that this is not the case with its southern temperatures, nice beaches, trendy beach bars and energetic activities. The…

    13 September 2017
  • Spain

    BENIDORM, nice to meet you

    Benidorm, the city that is known to many Belgians as a popular place to stay in the winter especially for people who are retired. This is anything but true. Benidorm is a vibrant and…

    12 September 2017
  • Spain

    5 things you should do in Benidorm

      Cycling through Sierra Helada The best way to discover Benidorm is undoubtedly the electric bike! Tao bike is a small company that sells and rent electric bikes with an eye for the environment. The…

    2 September 2017