Favorite Waterfalls in Cebu

29 March 2020
waterval cebu

The province of Cebu has many qualities. In our opinion the highlights are in the south where you will find waterfall after waterfall. Unfortunately our holidays are not infinite and we have to make tactical choices which we are going to visit. Below you will find our favourite waterfalls in Cebu.

How do you get started?

Of course you have to get close to Badian and Alegria in Cebu first. You take the yellow Ceres buses from Cebu City to Moalboal. In Moalboal it’s recommended to book your accommodation and rent a scooter so you can start your waterfall hunt. Please note that the trips to the waterfalls from Moalboal can take up to an hour and a half. If you don’t like this, it’s best to hire a private driver who will take you from destination to destination.

Waterfall Countdown

3. Inambakan Waterfall

The Inambakan waterfall is an hour’s drive from Moalboal. The message is to arrive early. At the entrance some locals will pose as guides. A local or a guide is not necessary as the trail is safe and clear. We were ignorant and had a local with us. This guy didn’t say a word and just stood there and looked at us. Sometimes a local can have a valuable contribution, but in this case it was more of a disturbing factor. You pay 20 php to park your bike and the entrance fee is 50 php.

This waterfall has four levels making a visit to the Inambakan Falls a nice day trip. The first level is the big ‘drop’ and the main attraction. To have ideal light conditions for a nice picture you have to wait around 10 o’clock so the sun shines on the beautiful blue water.

inambakan waterval


Protip! Be sure to swim under the waterfall. There you can climb on a rock for a nice picture.

The second level is behind a rock. The rock formations can be very slippery so be careful. Yes, I went down hard here and I was very happy to have a waterproof backpack with me.

inambakan niveau 2


The walk continues quietly and level three is a small waterfall that flows into a quiet lake. A nice spot to have a drink or a snack. Ideal to float in the fresh water and catch some sun.

The road to level four becomes a bit more difficult. You have to cross a small lake and go up a flight of stairs. There you get a nice view of the path you just completed. After that you enter a peaceful bay where you finally get to see the last waterfall.

2. Dao Waterfall

The Dao waterfall is an hour’s drive from Moalboal. Upon arrival it is mandatory to register, the entrance fee is 70 php and parking will cost you 20 php. Here you will be assigned a guide. Afterwards you decide how much you give your guide. We gave our guide 200 php after our trip.

A big difference from Inambakan is that the guides here sit quietly on a bench waiting for their turn to guide someone. The first thing you see when you walk over the first hill is a large collection of palm trees connected to a suspension bridge made of bamboo. Those with fear of heights will probably hold their breath here. Despite the doubtful state of the bridge, it does make a nice picture. A good time to set your priorities.

dao falls bamboo bridge

The walk takes about half an hour and the trip itself is worth it to come here. The guide warns you several times where the slippery spots are and since my history, she probably saved me from a ridiculous crash several times. You pass several rivers and streams and the further you walk, the bluer the water becomes.

You ever ask yourself why this water can be so pearly blue!?

Take your time during this walk and stop once in a while to admire the surroundings. It’s truly beautiful.

After the nice walk with your guide there’s one more climb to the top. There are railings on the side so the walk is safe for young and old. Moreover, the reward is more than worth it. A giant waterfall is waiting for you. The water doesn’t thunder down, but the location is insane. You’re surrounded by a cylindrical rock formation and behind you you see the rest of the waterfall seeping down through the jungle. A unique waterfall that I couldn’t possibly capture properly. I leave it to the person in charge of Tourism Philippines to show you the waterfall:

dao falls


1. Cambais Waterfall

Our ultimate favorite was the Cambais waterfall. An oasis of peace. A piece of nature that resembles a painting. A masterpiece of a setting. You may notice, but I’m still so incredibly in love with this waterfall!

The Cambais waterfall is only an hour from Moalboal by scooter. It’s the same road you have to take if you want to go to Osmena Peak. You put your scooter next to the track and you pay 20 php for parking. You walk for ten to fifteen minutes past someone’s vegetable garden until you reach the entrance. Entrance fee is 50 php.

The Cambais waterfall has two levels. As always, the advice is to go to the waterfall early. We were here at 8 o’clock in the morning and had the waterfall an hour to ourselves. A guide is not needed here as you hardly have to walk to the waterfall. Always be careful for slippery rocks!

Level one has without a doubt one of the most beautiful views you have ever seen. The color of the water is incredibly blue and the three waterfalls seem to have been constructed by a ‘dream team’ of contractors from a major waterpark. What’s more, the scenery only gets more beautiful when you take a look above the rock formations, liana’s hang perfectly over the water which makes this a unique picture!

cambais waterval

You can jump from the duo waterfall or if you don’t really value your life you can climb up to jump from the big waterfall. The choice is yours!

You can reach level two by turning directly to the right at the entrance and take a small walk of five minutes. The view you have then looks like this:

cambais niveau 2

You also have the possibility to climb the twins waterfall and walk up to level two via that path. You can also enjoy the waterfall in different ways on level two.

  • Glide directly into the water from the viewpoint of level two (picture 1).
  • Climb on the side of the waterfall so that you can stand directly under the waterfall (picture 2)
  • Climb up the big rock so you can jump into the blue water (picture 3)

Around 10:00 in the morning, most of the people started to arrive here. The more people here, the more this location started to feel like a water park. People are jumping into the water from every possible angle with the accompanying loud noises. To really enjoy this place, you have to be alone in serenity.

Truly a magical place!

If you are convinced to come and see the waterfalls, be sure to read the post about Moalboal so you are well informed about your future base. Are you planning a trip through the province of Cebu? Then read the post about the beautiful province in the Philippines. You can find a push in the right direction to plan your trip through the Philippines here.

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