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29 May 2019

Düsseldorf, a city that is mainly known for its location on the Rhine and its cosy Christmas markets, but it has more to offer! Did you know that 40% of the city is occupied by nature and parks? The city wants to expand even more in the coming years and still has several ambitious plans for the future! They would like to build a complete “green ring” around the city so that you can cycle or walk around Düsseldorf in a quiet environment.

sunset in Düsseldorf

One of the iconic places in Düsseldorf

Our Discover Düsseldorf – culture, history, art and architecture spots in Düsseldorf

Architectural delights in Medienhafen

The most innovative architecture can be found in Medienhafen. Until the 1980s, this dynamic rergio of the city was defined by old warehouses and port buildings that underwent a complete metamorphosis. The impressive buildings of Frank Gehry, Vasconi and Chipperfiels, among others, attract many tourists and photographers to this day. It’s a trendy neighborhood where several media and advertising companies have established themselves.

 Photoproof? Definitely YES!

artistieke haven Dusseldorf
kunst haven in Dusseldorf
fotografie in Dusseldorf

Inhabiting culture in Little Tokyo

Düsseldorf is the 3rd largest Japanese community in Europe and therefore the epicentre of the world.  The streets in and around Immermannstrasse and Klosterstrasse are the heart of the Japanese district ‘Little Tokyo’. There are several delicious Japanese restaurants here such as ‘Kushi-Tei of Tokyo’, but also older Japanese bookshops and cosy shops.

Did you know that bubble tea originates from Japan? Bubble tea fans are sure to enjoy themselves in the various Bubble tea shops in Immermannstrasse. For those who get excited about manga, a visit to the Japanese bookstore is a must!

cultuur in Düsseldorf

Japanese Quarter in Düsseldorf

Schloss Benrath, history in the pink palace of Düsseldorf

A little bit out of the centre of Düsseldorf lies the pink castle ‘Schloss Benrath’ also known as Benrath Palace. Originally the palace was built as a ‘holiday spot’ for Elisabeth Auguste and her husband Elector Palatine Carl Theodor von der Pfalz (a whole mouthful!). Eventually Schloss Benrath was only used a few times as a holiday spot as it was just a little too far from the centre of the city.

Bezienswaardigheden Düsseldorf

Schloss Benrath – Benrath Palace

The building is immensely large and also beautifully maintained! Anyone who likes to visit Benrath Castle will have to put on ‘slippers’ in the palace itself in order to protect the floor. This results in a very amusing view! There are also 2 museums located in the palace, namely the museum of Natural History and the museum of European Garden Art.

K21 museum, the home of contemporary art

Attention art lovers: The Kunstsammlung NRW K21 Ständehaus gives Düsseldorf the necessary portion of art, beauty and exhibition that appeal to the imagination. Art can be found on every corner of the street in Düsseldorf, but in the K21 museum the various exhibitions are bundled together. In May 2019 we visited Tomas Saraceno’s “in orbit” exhibition.

Those who prefer to immerse themselves in the art of the street scene can do the new Urban Art Walk – Street Art and Graffiti in Düsseldorf. Klaus Rosskothen, an established street artist, will be happy to show you the best urban pieces throughout the city. In this way you will also learn to understand the city better, as social issues are often raised.

Other nice places in the city for art lovers:

  • ZERO foundation
  • Philara collection
  • Julia Stoschek collection
  • KAI 10
  • Kunstakademia Düsseldorf
  • Kunstpalast


Recommendations restaurants and trendy lunch spots

QOMO restaurant, dinner with a view

Our favourite restaurant in Düsseldorf is without a doubt the QOMO restaurant. This restaurant is located in the highest building in Düsseldorf, the Rheinturm. This high-quality restaurant (literally and figuratively) serves delicious Asian dishes that are prepared with great precision. Not only are your taste buds spoiled, the visual aspect is also taken care of. The restaurant was built on a rotating plateau so that every minute you have a different view of the city!

qomo restaurant sushi

Delicious sushi – QOMO

QOMO restaurant

Sunset ‘o clock at the 25hours Hotel Das Tour

We are already a fan of the concept of 25 hours hotel! On the 17th floor of the 25hours Hotel Das Tour you will find a nice cocktail bar with a beautiful view over the city. Together with a fresh cocktail and some lounge music you can enjoy a sunset.

sunset cocktail Dusseldorf

A dramatic sunset from the 25-hour hotel in Düsseldorf

Kushi-Tei of Tokyo, Japanese culinary delights

Since the large Japanese community in located in Düsseldorf, the city has quite a few cozy Japanese restaurants. Kushi-Tei or Tokyo will make you feel right at home in Japan. It is a traditional Japanese tapas bar where the Japanese cooking will certainly charm you. From Teishoku sets to traditional pasta dishes like windows, soba and udon, Japanese curry. It was already to our taste!

Japans restaurant Düsseldorf

Japanese cuisine in Düsseldorf

japans restaurant Düsseldorf

Japanse details

Vegan lunch in Lina’s coffee

All vegetarians and vegans, can I have your attention. This fun and trendy lunch spot is highly recommended. It is a ‘cruel free’ place where you can spend hours with the necessary “sweet sins”. Especially among young people it is a popular spot. From avocado bread to pancakes, you’ll find it all there. Ideal to relax in the afternoon and enjoy all that good food!

vegan lunch in Dusseldorf
vegan lunch in Dusseldorf
vegan lunch in Dusseldorf

Looking for the coolest Instagram spots in Düsseldorf? Find them all here!

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