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30 October 2017

Gili Chili

Slow Gili Air is located on Gili Air, one of the 2 smaller sisters of the famous party island Gili Trawagan. You can easily reach this island from Bangsal harbour, which is a little port in northwestern Lombok. If you stay in Bali, you can take the boat from Sanur harbour to the Gili islands as well.

Why Gili Air?

Gili Air is known as an ideal chill-out spot. The island has several fancy restaurants, cute shops, nice diving schools. It’s also the only Gili island from which you can see the mountains of the north coast of Lombok. Given that Gili Air is only 1.73 km², you may want to move yourself by bicycle. Bikes are offered by Slow Gili Air for IDR 75,000 per day (around 5 euros). The bikes are very comfortable and have a basket, which we found very useful because we always have a lot of stuff with us. Please note that most roads are untouched, so from time to time you will need to get off your bike a walk a little bit. This all belongs to the real island experience, right?

The amazing sunset at Gili Air


Slow Gili Air Villas

Slow Gili Air is a small luxury resort, built in the middle of the beautiful Gili Air. Slow Gili Air has also a Belgian flavor, with the Belgian owner Julie and the architecture of the villas. The villas are the work of a Belgian architect. The resort has 10 contemporary luxury villas each with a private pool and a large garden, giving you a homecoming feeling right away!

Slow Air Villas

Our luxury villa with private pool and terras

The perfect place to relax

The villa itself is very modern, luxurious and efficiently furnished using high quality materials. Each room has a modern kitchen where everything is available like a kitchenette, office space, comfortable sunbeams and a lovely coconut garden. The kitchen and bedroom are in 1 large room, partially enclosed with a wall. A kingsize bed is centrally located with a view of the swimming pool. The room has a large sliding window, allowing you to dive from your bed in the swimming pool. There are worse ways to wake up.

A fully equipped kitchen with great care to the quality

Slow Gili Air

Het prachtige zwembad

A natural bathroom

The outdoor bathroom is equipped with a beautiful rain shower, sink and toilet. All personal care products like body lotion, shampoo, conditioner and toothbrush is present. Personally, I’m not always a big fan of outdoor bathrooms, because they are often less hygienic. Slow Gili Air is definitely an exception, the bathroom was very clean and perfectly maintained. It was great to take a fresh shower in the morning with palm trees behind you and the sound of the birds whistling. 

The outdoor shower

The outdoor bathroom

Homemade Breakfast

Slow is a concept, based on the slow spirit, a unique way to get back sense of the essential value of life. Because Slow attaches great importance to the homecoming feeling, they deliver all meals (including breakfast) to the villa. You can chose between different dishes like traditional, western dishes, vegetarian,… For breakfast you can choose between American Breakfast, Australian Breakfast, Vegan, French Breakfast and Gili Breakfast. Personal adjustments can be made to the dishes and multiple dishes can be chosen, if you are very hungry. If you would like a lunch package for a trip, you can also pass it on the day before. They will be happy to prepare it for you!

Our favorites

We really loved the Australian breakfast and the Gili breakfast, with super tasty traditional pancakes! All dishes are prepared with local ingredients and are nicely presented on your plate. That’s how our breakfast looked like .

Slow Gili Air

Our delicious breakfast – Australian, Gili and French breakfast

Slow Gili Air

Fresh fruit

All types of restaurants on Gili Air

For those who like to go to a restaurant, in Gili Air there are various hip places. Upon arrival, the people of Slow Air will give you a map of the island, indicating what they think are nice and delicious restaurants. It also lists what kind of cuisine they mainly prepare like vegan, western, fish, … Very handy!

Snorkeling with turtles 

In Slow Gili Air you will find peace, but you won’t be bored! They give every day an overview of the activities such as pilates, yoga, scuba diving, snorkeling trips, jogging in the morning, … We chose to do the snorkel trip with Captain Madi and his boat Rusty, where you can choose a 2 hour or 4 hour trip. On this trip you will visit the coastline of the 3 Gili Islands.  We really like to dive and go snorkeling, we chose the 4-hour trip. We have been diving and snorkeling in several countries for  several times. Often, we were disappointed because we did not see the animals they promised us we normally would see. Captain Madi promised us we are going to see turtles with 99% certainty, (otherwise we get our money back ) which gave us a lot more confidence.

Captain Madi and its boat Rusty

Rusty is a private boat with a small glass bottom. Captain Madi has also a second man, so they can alternate each other to go snorkeling with you. They know the sea as their pocket and know all the fun and interesting places for special fish, turtles, beautiful coral, … The crew is very friendly and let you choose if you want to see some more. We highly recommend to do this trip. There are cheaper trips, often organized by locals, but you will be on a boat with 60 other people. Everyone has to go in the water at the same time and has to follow the crew member. So if you want to make a picture with the fish or turtles, you will have some other guests as well.

Slow Gili Air

As free as the ocean

Slow Gili Air

Feeding the fish


Ask Julie

The owner Julie has also her own travel agency called ‘Ask Julie’. They organise all kinds of fun activities like surf and kite camps, Komodo diving cruises, yoga and meditation retreats, mola mola and manta rays diving, a cruise to Raja Ampat, …

Slow retreats

Slow retreats also include a spa with a wide range of massages and treatments. Everyone who stays at Slow Air, will get a free traditional massage for half an hour. We chose the traditional Balinese full body massage, which will give you a relaxed feeling afterwards. The spa itself is beautifully decorated, with plenty of sunlight and large spaces. You notice that attention has been paid to the smallest details, which makes it all more relaxing and enjoyable. If you don’t stay in Slow Gili Air, you can always visit the Slow Spa, because it is accessible to external persons.

Slow Gili Air

Traditional Balinese massage

Slow Gili Air

Traditional Balinese massage

Yoga Retreat

Something special about Slow Air Villas is definitely the Slow Yoga Retreat. The spa has also an area specially designed for Yoga classes. You can follow these classes, accompanied by experienced Belgian coaches. Everybody can participate in this, as the level of the group is determined by the coaches and this is built quietly. We attended a morning session, and you do not have to be super flexible to be able to do it. It is largely about moving and stopping your body.



Hotel: Slow Air Locatie: Gili Air Accommodatie: luxurious, yoga retreat, home coming feeling Prijs: €€€


Gili Air Indah, Gili Air,, Gili Indah, Pemenang, North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara 83352, Indonesië Phone+62 878-6447-6099  Email: Website: Slow Gili Air  

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