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20 April 2020
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Ningaloo is possibly the most beautiful coastline of Western Australia. A competitor of the Great Barrier Reef with 300km of uninterrupted reef. Step into the water with your snorkel and ten meters further you’ll be introduced to another world. Who speaks of Ningaloo, says Coral Bay, Exmouth and Cape Range National Park. An unforgettable destination where you can spot whale sharks, manatees, tiger sharks and humpback whales.

Where is Ningaloo

In June 2011, Ningaloo was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Since then, all hands have been on deck to protect this region as best as possible. This region is the water mass, coastal strip and reef that occupies about 300km of the WA coastline. Approximately 1200km from Perth, the capital of Western Australia, you will find the Ningaloo region. The nearest town is Carnarvon in the Gascoyne region at 370km.

What makes this region so special is that it’s a breeding ground for a wide range of marine life. It’s also a migration and resting place for the exceptionally beautiful creatures such as the whale shark and the humpback whale. Moreover, you’ll find underground water masses, caves and waterholes here.

Although most of the focus is on marine life, land life isn’t inferior. Most symbolic Australian animals can also be found here. Like the kangaroo, emu, wallaby and dingo.

ningaloo cape range wallaby

Best time to travel

The best time to explore the Ningaloo region is between the end of March and mid-July. During this period you can swim with the whale shark. The temperature of the water is also ideal. Towards the end of the season you have the chance to swim with the humpback whale.

We were here in August and the water was already quite cold! During this month we could only book a tour to swim with the humpback whale.

What to do in Ningaloo

Visiting the Ningaloo region can be cleverly divided into three major attractions. During your roadtrip you’ll first encounter Coral Bay, a very small village. 150km further you have Exmouth which is a village with a decent supermarket, bars and restaurants. Then you have Cape Range National Park, about 60km away.

Coral Bay

Coral Bay isn’t much in itself. A few camping spots, a supermarket, a bakery and some backpacker hostels. What people come for is marine life. And that’s what Coral Bay is all about. This place is the starting point of the Ningaloo Reef. Read more about Coral Bay here.


Exmouth is a small town that’s pretty cool. During the school holidays it’s a bit different. The location is quite unique on the tip of the archipelago. You’ll find enough bars and restaurant to keep your visit fresh. Exmouth serves as a gateway to the Ningaloo Reef and Cape Range National Park. Don’t underestimate the distances from Exmouth to famous places like Turquoise Bay and Sandy Beach. Think carefully before booking your place to stay. Learn everything about Exmouth here.

ningaloo exmouth sunset

Cape Range National Park

Cape Range National Park has all the beautiful places like Turquoise Bay, Oyster Stacks and Osprey Bay on offer. The starting point is given at Vlaming Head Lighthouse and the further you drive, the more beautiful it gets.

Don’t just stare blindly at the beautiful Ningaloo coastline of Cape Range National Park. Finally, one of the most beautiful walks of Western Australia can be found here. Moreover, you imagine yourself in the States when you enter the adventure of the Charles Knife Canyon.

ningaloo charles knife canyon

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