The best restaurants and trendy lunch spots in Nieuwpoort

11 September 2018
lunchspots Nieuwpoort

The best lunch spots in Nieuwpoort, which is by far my favorite place at the seaside because of the long beach where you can walk to Oostduinkerke, the nice shops, cozy restaurants, luxurious harbor and the nice atmosphere. Nieuwpoort has grown enormously during the recent years as a city so there haven been added  a lot of fun and trendy lunch spots.

In this blog I would like to show my favorites culinary spots in Nieuwpoort!

Trendy lunch spots in Nieuwpoort you will love

Bar Guidon

The perfect place for cycling enthusiasts is bar Guidon. It is a meeting place where you can have a drink and small bites in a unique cycling decor.

Address: Zeedijk 63, Nieuwpoort

Opening hours: Tuesday & Wednesday closed, all other days open from 10.00am – 6.00pm

Lunchspots Nieuwpoort

Bar Guidon – interior

Tearoom Baenk

Those who love the combination of Scandinavian design, vintage and coffee will be at the right place in Tearoom Baenk! Here you can enjoy a delicious breakfast with granola or a pistolet, a healthy lunch or an afternoon treat. All dishes are prepared with the necessary amount of love and traditional products are being used. The menu is not very extensive but very qualitative. Who does not honor the penny, is not worthy of the dollar.

Address: Marktstraat 48, 8620 Nieuwpoort

Opening hours: Wednesday & Thursday closed, all other days open from 9.30am – 5.30pm

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Charlie’s Lunchroom

Spanish tapas, homemade pastries, a warm latte macchiato or a special gin? No problem! In Charlie’s Lunchroom they try to offer a lunch that is slightly different than usual. If you prefer a classic sandwich or burger, you can also find it here.

Address: Albert I laan 326, 8620 Nieuwpoort

Opening hours: Thuesday closed, all other days open from 10.00am– 7.00pm & Saturday and Sunday until 8.00pm 

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’t Kramiekske

The bakery that exists already more than 10 years and is known for his simple but tasty lunch as a fresh soup, sandwich or snack. Those who are more fan of sweets can enjoy a delicious ice cream, pancake or cake.

Address: Albert I laan 259a, 8620 Nieuwpoort

Opening hours: Wednesday & Thursday closed, all other days open from 8.00am – 6.00pm

lunchspots Nieuwpoort

bakery ’t Kramiekske

Brasserie Nieuwpoort

A classic but tastefully decorated brasserie in Nieuwpoort-city with an extensive menu, where you can enjoy both lunch and dinner. In Brasserie Nieuwpoort everyone will find his or her thing!

Address: Marktplein 19, 8620 Nieuwpoort

Opening hours: alle days open from 10.30am – 10.00pm

M Bistro

In Nieuwpoort-city, you can find M Bistro which is a one star Michelin restaurant. An enthusiastic and creative team supports the concept where dishes are made with qualitative products and special combinations. They have a sun terrace and city garden where you can enjoy an aperitif!

Address: Potterstraat 15, 8620 Nieuwpoort

Opening hours: Sonday and Monday closed, alle other days open from  12.00am – 2.00pm & 7.00pm– 9.00pm except on Wednesday    

Time for something sweet

The best ice-cream parlor of Nieuwpoort

The best place for ice-cream in Nieuwpoort is St-Catherine, with its traditional ice cream and fresh sorbets. Since 1985 this is a specialized ice cream parlour that has charmed me since the age of 2 years. The full flavor still appeals to me today! Who can not get enough of the homemade ice-cream can buy some and take it home.

Address: Albert I laan 185, 8620 Nieuwpoort

Opening hours: all days open from 12.00am – 10.30pm

Lunchspots Nieuwpoort

The best ice-cream (@Unsplash)


Pancakes and waffles that give you a sugar rush

Those who are in love with sweet things should definitely visit brasserie Carrousel. This brasserie really has the very best freshly baked pancakes and waffles from Nieuwpoort.

Address: Albert I laan 141, 8620 Nieuwpoort

Opening hours: all days open from 9.00am – 6.00pm

A good dinner to start the evening 

A luxurious dinner in Nieuwpoort-bad

Het Kompas is an established name in Nieuwpoort-bad with its refined cuisine. The entire restaurant has been recently renovated and stands for class and intimacy. Classic Belgian dishes as well as seasonal suggestions make your mouth water. I highly recommended this restaurant for a romantic dinner combined with a nice glass of wine.

Address: Henegouwenstraat 1, 8620 Nieuwpoort

Opening hours: Thuesday and Wednesday closed, all other days open from 12.00am – 2.00pm and 6.00am – 9.00pm

lunch spots in Nieuwpoort

Restaurant Het Kompas

A luxurious dinner in Nieuwpoort-bad

Restaurant ‘De Roos‘ is ambassador for ‘Het Lekkere Westen’ and is known for its excellent fish dishes. Steve d’Hoedt is head chef of ‘De Roos’ and loves to spoil his guests. He also tries to sell less known fish dishes such as red gurnard, beautiful maid, halibut,… and hopes in this way to broaden people’s perspective of fish. Freshness is very important and that is why the fish is auctioned fresh and delivered to the restaurant the same day.

We chose the ‘grilled scampi’s with fresh salad and tartare’ & ‘the natural mussels’. These dishes are highly recommended!

Address: Kaai 14, 8620 Nieuwpoort

Opening hours: Tuesday and Wednesday closed, all other days open from 11.30am – 2.30pm en 6.00pm – 9.30pm


Beach bars in Nieuwpoort-bad

The trend of beach bars started in Ostend and Knokke, but Nieuwpoort has also 2 great beach bars; Chagall Beach and Barza Bar. In this way they try to attract younger people. Nieuwpoort decided to stay with 2 beach bars because the open beach is one of the important aspects of Nieuwpoort.  Both are located in Nieuwpoort-bad, slightly more located on the side of Oostduinkerke.

Barza Bar

Near Leopoldplein you will find Barza bar, a trendy bar that immediately brings up the holiday atmosphere. With both feet in the sand enjoying a fresh cocktail, doesn’t sound bad, right? Barza Bar also offers an attractive party location for all types of parties.

Address: Albert I laan 141, 8620 Nieuwpoort

Opening hours: every summer from 15/03 until 15/10, opened every day from 10.00am – 6.00pm 

lunchspots in Nieuwpoort

Beachbar Barza Beach – Nieuwpoort

lunch spots in Nieuwpoort

Beachbar Barza Beach – Nieuwpoort

Chagall Beach

It is the same concept as Barza Bar where they want to offer a nice place for a younger audience. Here they can relax in a chill atmosphere. Chagall beach can also be hired if you are looking for a great party location!

Address: Albert I laan 119, 8620 Nieuwpoort

Opening hours: every summer from 15/03 until 15/10, open every day from 10.00am – 8.00pm 

Lunchspots Nieuwpoort
Lunchspots Nieuwpoort

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