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27 December 2018
giralda sevilla

Sevilla is located south of Spain in the province of Andalusia. Expect a southern climate, very good location, cheap food and drink, authentic hotels and many attractions. A beach does not have the sunny city, but the Giralda, the Plaza de Espana and the Maria Luisa park make the city a can’t miss experience!


Seville – Climate

Seville has a Mediterranean climate and experiences hot summers. In July and August, temperatures quickly rise above 40°C. The winters are very mild and therefore ideal for a city trip. In the mid-season there is a greater chance of thunderclouds. However, this can be compared to a tropical thunderstorm after which the sun appears again.



During the months of December, January and February, temperatures average below 20°C. In the morning and evening it cools down, but in the afternoon you can enjoy the winter sun. With just a t-shirt on, you walk cheerfully through the city, while the rest of Europe nestles in a warm winter coat.

The chance of winter weather is almost nil. Certainty on sunshine you have throughout the year. Which makes Seville an ideal holiday spot.


Seville – Geography

The city known for flamenco and bullfighting is located in southern Spain in the region of Andalusia. Roman mythology prevails in the city and large parts of the center are protected by the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Some famous attractions are the Cathedral of Seville, the Royal Palace Real Alcazar, Plaza de Espana and Plaza de Toros.


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The city is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Expect winding streets and no logic in the road network. Public transport runs around the historic centre and mobility in the centre is non-existent. The easiest method is walking and cycling.


Seville – Cuisine

The more south you go, the more relaxed the atmosphere around the ‘cuisine’ culture. You can enjoy tapas on every corner of this city. The price is about 60% of the current prices in Belgium.

Some great places in Seville to eat and drink are:

  • Mercado de Triana
  • Nazca
  • Lobo Lopez
  • Manhattan River Bar
  • Pura Vida Terraza



Seville – Beach

Unfortunately there is no beach in the summer city of Seville. The first beach can be found an hour and a half further in Cadiz. You can also take the bus or train to Costa de la Luz. Your only chance to cool off is the public pool the Magnum Club. Near the Seville Santa Justa train station you will find the membership club, but you can buy a day pass for €10.


Seville – Activities

The southern city has a historic centre with many activities within walking distance. To view our top 10 click here!

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