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South West Australian Roadtrip

19 May 2019
denmark greens pool

Western Australia is the largest state in Down Under. Nevertheless, ‘WA’ remains Australia’s lesser-known holiday destination. This state undoubtedly has the most beautiful coastline in the world, a great diversity of fauna and flora and a perfect climate. South West Australia is ideal to see as much variation as possible of this gigantic country and of course you have to go road trip! Be wise and always choose an all-in formula. The long distances, vast plains and warm climate can always surprise you.

South West Australia on map

Western Australia is huge and you’re forced to divide this state into different areas. South West Australia is one of the greenest parts of Australia and offers a range of activities. To get an idea of where you’re going to travel, it’s advisable to take a look at it on the map.

Zuid West Australië

Compared to the rest of Australia, this is only a small piece. Despite the relatively small surface, this area turns out to be an ideal triangle for a road trip.

How to road trip

Of course, the most important element is owning a car. Due to the long distances and remoteness in South West Australia, it’s important that you drive around peacefully without having to think about insurance, claims or breakdowns along the way. From home you’re able to rent a car from Sunnycars with their all-in service package. You don’t have to worry about which insurances you have to take. Just book, pick it up and enjoy the feeling of freedom that a car provides.

Very easy and highly recommended in Australia!

australia roads

South-West Australia is not the infamous ‘bush’. The roads here are sealed, which means that roads are of good quality. That’s why you can rent a 2WD (two wheel drive) car and not venture into a gigantic, gas-guzzling 4WD (four wheel drive). We chose the Toyota Corolla, a five-door car that turned out to be very fuel efficient. As you can see on the map, the route from Perth to the first stop, Greens Pool (next to The Gap Road) is a long drive. We could easily get to our destination with one full tank. The Toyota Corolla can drive 790km with one full tank!

Travel log and things to see


Australia’s most remote city is our home base and therefore our starting point for the South West Australian road trip. Perth CBD is the city centre where you can pick up your Sunnycars car through a commercial rental office. Like most cities, Perth CBD is not car friendly. That’s why I advise you to come to the city by train, discover the city and then pick up your car.

Although Perth is a young, up-and-coming city, there are plenty of activities to do to keep you busy for a day. King’s Park, Victoria Quay, Bell Tower, London Court and the hip Northbridge district should be on your to-do list!


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Set your alarm at 6am, fill up your petrol tank, order a coffee on the road, set up a good playlist and brace yourself for a long trip. After an hour on the road you’ll soon arrive in remote areas and the surroundings will gradually become more beautiful. Keep an eye on the signage that advises you to fill up your tank. These signs do not lie and you can quickly drive more than 100 km without encountering a petrol station.

You’re now between the woods. For hours you’re driving slalom between huge trees. Really a unique ‘backdrop’ and a very nice driving experience. It’s also an ideal moment to send your drone on discovery. Our jaw dropped when we discovered how isolated we were!

isolated australia

Elephant Rocks & Greens Pool

500 kilometres after your starting point you’ll arrive at the Greens Pool car park, where you can also admire the Elephant Rocks. Despite the bad weather, we soon noticed the remarkable landscape. Grooved rocks with a unique structure that give the environment a special character. Giant beaches with hardly any people and pearl blue water.

If you’re careful you can walk and jump around on these unique rock formations and discover the rough landscape. We had to take into account strong gusts of wind and low temperatures, but on a sunny day there shouldn’t be any problem to get the most out of it!

A little further you’ll find the Elephant Rocks. Actually the same style in terms of rock formation, but for those with an eye for detail can quickly see what makes this formation so special. Right next to the bay you can see what looks like a family of elephants. The composition of pearl blue water, beach, rough rocks and the ‘elephants’ makes for a wonderful photo.


By the early evening our Toyota Corolla took off to Albany where we stayed in the Six Degrees Albany CBD Boutique Hotel. Again the weather was disappointing. Grey skies, rain, cold wind and low temperatures made for a not so pleasant experience in Albany. Nevertheless, our experience in the hotel was great. Budget-friendly and a fun bistro. Nevertheless we got value for money. If you also plan to book this hotel during your road trip, use my affiliate link here and you’ll get 10% back on your booking! (And I get €20! – win – win)


In the evening we drove to the WWII memorial where we learned something about the role of Australia and New Zealand in the World Wars. Namely the front line of England consisted mainly of Australians and New Zealanders who had to fight with the Brits. On ANZAC day (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) the victims are commemorated. As a result, there was a memorial consisting of 60,000 lights that all commemorated a victim who had a specific role in the great war.


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It’s a sobering walk between the lights that include a free audio tour which gives you extra information about the personal stories. Definitely one of the highlights of our road trip through South West Australia. Moreover, Albany is one of the oldest cities in Australia and the city is full of references and commemorations about the great wars. Lovers of history will certainly find their thing here!

The Gap

The next day we jumped back into the car we rented from Sunnycars with an all-in formula and drove for fifteen minutes to ‘The Gap’. A natural phenomenon where the natural conditions have created a gap between the rough rocks. Once again we suffered from Belgian grey weather and we had to experience the attractions dressed in a sweater and raincoat. We’ll definitely come back here to take another sunny look at everything.

the gap

Margaret River

First some nature in Albany, then we continued our roadtrip through South-West Australia to Margaret River. An area that is known for:

  • Infinite amount of vineyards
  • versatile landscape
  • beautfiul beaches
  • gigantic caves
  • green hills
  • surf paradise

Margaret River deserves more than a daytrip, but despite lack of time we could only stay here for a day. It’s also the place to sit down and have a food experience. We hadn’t yet treated ourselves to a quality meal in South West Australia so we decided to treat ourselves in Hay Shed Hill. This vineyard offers a five-course lunch for $50 which will curl your toes from enjoyment. We stayed here a bit longer than planned and had to drag our bellies to the car to get out of here.

Highly recommended!

We drove to our accommodation: Margaret River Tourist Park. A bungalow park where you can spend the night for 50 dollars. A clean bungalow with electric blanket, basic bathroom, large closet, chair and a communal kitchen. Moreover, very friendly staff who are eager to help you discover the area.

Get a discount here!

Highly recommended!


Acting like early risers and we set course for Dunsborough. A destination in the tip of the archipelago and this time the weather gods blessed us! We doubtfully drove to the extreme point of South-West Australia and on our way we saw a python lying on the road.

Upon arrival we were rewarded with a beautiful view over the rough landscape. As we eagerly start our hike to the virgin beaches!

dunsborough hike

Then it happened!

A true Aussie experience…

Flies, masses of flies are swarming around our heads and after ten minutes of walking we almost got a nervous breakdown from frustration. Good on us for bringing our beach towels as we wrapped them like headscarves.

Left and right were warnings for snakes, but (thank God) we didn’t meet any of them.

After a walk of less than half an hour we were treated to these views:

dunsborough shore


The long distances are a thing in the past and we hop into our car going straight to Busselton. You’ll find the second largest jetty in the world here. The jetty is 1841 meters long and can be walked from start to finish. The entrance fee is just 4 dollars and all the money goes to the maintenance of the wooden jetty.

busselton jetty

Busselton (like all WA cities) has a beautiful coastline where you can relax in the sun.

Yet here it’s all about the famous wooden jetty. A little train will take you to the end of the jetty, a glass surface to stare at life under the sea and as a pièce de résistance you can dive and walk at the bottom of the sea to mix in with maritime life.

After an excellent sun-drenched day in Busselton, it was time to return to our home port, Perth.

We returned our car to the car rental company, which was very simple: Parking, handing over the key and confirming that there was no damage and we were good!

This road trip could be completed without any worries by the all-in formula of Sunnycars! Highly recommended if you’re planning to rent a car.

More Australia !

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