Spectacular Bangkok on a Budget

25 March 2019

Bangkok is a metropolis with almost as many inhabitants as Belgium, where the weather is warm and an abundance of sights. It’s very logical if you don’t know where to start in a city like Bangkok. In this blog you will find out how to keep it all budget responsible.


Hotels en overnachtingen

Thailand is a cheap holiday destination where food and accommodation can be very cheap. Bangkok, as a metropolis, is an exception. Our planned budget was €25 per night, but to find something decent as a couple in Bangkok this proved to be impossible. On the other hand there are many luxurious options in the big city.


Boutique Inn Hotel

A hotel parallel to the famous Khao San Road proved to be the ideal solution for us. Very neat rooms that were spacious enough and also the option to plunge into a swimming pool in a sister hotel one street away. The price tag was €100 for two nights (including a small fitness at the pool).

Boutique Inn Hotel

Brunchmakers Hostel

Since we thought Boutique Inn was a bit expensive, we were still looking for another night. Throughout our trip to Bangkok we ended up in a small shop where they made very good coffee: Brunchmakers Café.

During our breakfast we saw that they also rented rooms and we started talking to the owner. The bathroom was shared, hostel-style, but everything was very clean for Bangkok. Price for the night? 25 euros. And for an added seven euros we had a great breakfast.


Sights in Bangkok

Khao San Road

A very busy street after 17h where you can see all the rarities and clichés that you have about Thailand and/or Bangkok. You are warned to pay attention to your valuables and I wouldn’t take that lightly. The alcohol flows over here and the drunk tourists all come together here to party like animals.

Khao San Road is one of the cheapest options to try street food in the evening. Pad Thai for 30 baht, a Chicken Satay for 10 baht and Mango Sticky Rice for 50 baht. It’s all possible and delicious here.

A cozy street runs parallel to Khao San Road, it’s a bit more quiet and a little less crowded. The prices are a bit more expensive, but that’s worth it.

Bangkok Khao San Road

Khao San Road

The Big City

Plan a day to explore Bangkok. We took a taxi to the heart of the big city and simply started walking. Take in the smells and colors of the city and start to realize how this metropolis works. If it gets too hot, you can find a shopping mall in every corner to refresh yourself in the air conditioned buildings

Bangkok Mall

Bangkok Malls

It is recommended to walk Sukhumvit Road and follow your instincts if you come across something interesting. Some recommendations that you can pin down as a route:

  • EmQuartier
  • Ghost Tower
  • Siam Paragon Mall

Throughout this course, you’ll come across outdoor sports activities, local events and a range of markets where you can enjoy good food again. A day well filled and you don’t spend a dime on activities.

Bangkok City

Bangkok Bike Adventures

When you are in Bangkok, you want to take a look at all the temples. Bangkok is huge and the traffic is a disaster. Therefore I recommend you to book a ‘Bike Tour’.

You are not only sporty, but you pass through all kinds of narrow streets and alleys and you see a totally different Bangkok. The price is €50 per person, but we thought it was worth it. You spend a whole day with a private guide you have all to yourself and he takes his time to explain everything thoroughly.

Some highlights of the tour:

  • Multicultural area where all kinds of religion live together
  • Embassy of Portugal with ‘art wall’
  • Chaotic Chinatown
  • Flower Market with mini-workshop
  • Good food with locals
  • Urban Mountainbiking in Rush Hour
  • All important temples of Bangkok


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Rooftop bar – So Sofitel Hotel

Maybe it doesn’t quite fit in the picture of a budget post, but if you’re in a big city, you should be able to see the city from a different perspective. After a trip to Lumphini Park, we walked inside the So Sofitel Hotel to take the elevator to the highest floor.

They don’t ask for an entrance, no dress code and the cocktails include refreshments. The waiters even come to ask if they can take a picture of you. With two cocktails you’ll lose about €20.00, this includes chips and nuts.


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The traffic in Bangkok


Taking a taxi or Tuk Tuk doesn’t cost much in Bangkok, but reality taught us that we were more often on foot than with a Tuk Tuk or a car. The traffic is hopeless and getting stuck with a Tuk Tuk between the exhaust fumes is really not pleasant.

Try to arrange your daily schedule so that your first destination is somewhere close to the river. This way you can take the water taxi which costs only 30 baht and which also gives you beautiful views. Take the ‘blue’ taxi, which is often taken by locals and is cheaper than the ‘orange tourist taxi’.


We continue to find it the cheapest and most efficient way to discover major cities. Trust your instincts and occasionally dare to take a side alley. Especially in Asia you will come across interesting things and often eat much cheaper and tastier than on the main road.



There is a tram running above the city that runs all the way to Sukhumvit Road. Beware of those who stay near Khao San Road! The tramway will divert to another direction before you can get off. So we had bad luck and had to walk a lot before we got to our hotel/hostel.


Pictures were taken with the Nikon D5300. If you want to experience the adventure of Bangkok visually, you can see the vlog of Yannick here.

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