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  • kangaroo point

    Brisbane – The Ultimate Travelguide

    A Brisbane travelguide must be placed in context. Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city and the capital of the state of Queensland. Brisbane is usually a starting point or end point of a journey…

    17 April 2020
  • brisbane letters

    15 Free Things to do in Brisbane

    A city trip like Brisbane can quickly become a pricey outing. As Australia typifies, there are plenty of activities you can do for free. Queensland’s tropical capital has a lot in store for you…

    12 April 2020
  • Keulen citytrip

    Strolling in Cologne – city trip highlights

    Cologne is not the most famous city in Germany, but nowadays it functions more as a dynamic, small-scale metropolis. The city cannot be compared to other major cities such as Berlin, but has its…

    4 June 2019
  • Thailand

    Spectacular Bangkok on a Budget

    Bangkok is a metropolis with almost as many inhabitants as Belgium, where the weather is warm and an abundance of sights. It’s very logical if you don’t know where to start in a city…

    25 March 2019
  • seville

    Seville is the hottest citytrip in Europe

    Lonely Planet has voted Sevilla the best city trip of 2018. This is huge news for a city that has to compete with Barcelona and Madrid in Spain! Flight tickets were cheap and we…

    27 December 2018
  • Germany

    Citytrip to Hanover [Travel vlog]

    Our Travel vlog about Hanover Hanover with the H for history! There are so many places to explore in Hanover. We have put our personal highlights in one big travel vlog. The highlights in…

    20 July 2018
  • Spain

    24 hours in the bustling Alicante, let’s go!

    Alicante, one of the largest cities of the Costa Blanca. This attractive city has a coastline of 218 km and 330 days of sunshine per year. Alicante is situated between Benidorm (45 km) and…

    25 June 2018