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  • outback uluru

    Preparing for the Australian Outback

    You didn’t visit Australia until you can say you’ve been through the Australian Outback. However, travelling through is not without risk. It’s one of the most dangerous places and a car breakdown can mean…

    10 April 2020
  • roadtrip australië essentials

    Roadtrip Essentials in Australia

    A roadtrip in Australia is a must for every backpacker. Have you already taken a thorough look at the map? Has your itinerary been completely mapped out? Are you ready to backpack to the…

    10 April 2020
  • Quokka

    10 Facts about the Quokka

    The quokka took over the internet at lightning speed when Roger Federer took a selfie with the cute animal. Soon Rottnest Island got a large stream of tourists who also tried to cash in…

    22 March 2020
  • denmark greens pool
    Australia Oceania

    South West Australian Roadtrip

    Western Australia is the largest state in Down Under. Nevertheless, ‘WA’ remains Australia’s lesser-known holiday destination. This state undoubtedly has the most beautiful coastline in the world, a great diversity of fauna and flora…

    19 May 2019