The Hidden Treasures of Singapore

9 February 2018

Everyone knows the popular attractions such as Gardens by the Bay, Haji Lane, Lau Pa Sat, … For sightseeing outside these known places, it might be useful to visit these 3 hidden treasure of Singapore!

Skyline Singapore by night

The impressive skyline of Singapore

Vespa Tour, the most pleasant way to discover Singapore

Everyone knows the tourist Hop-on Hop-off buses, which are all over the city … pretty cliché and touristy. We went looking for a fun and unique way to explore Singapore, and we found it! Sideways is the first vintage vespa sidecar tour service in the world! It is a very nice concept with passionate people, which we immediately liked.

They organise 11 different tours, ranging from 30 minutes to half a day. We did the “Past & Present: The civic district” tour, where we drove from Orchard Road to Marina Bay Sands. In a sidecar you see a lot of the city in a relatively short period of time. A second advantage is that a Vespa gets you to the smallest and cutest streets, that are impossible to reach by bus. Last but not least, it is an amusing and original way to get to know the city!

Price: $ 30 for 30 minutes / $ 50 for 60 minutes

Singapore centrum met de Vespa

Discovering Singapore in a sidecar

Pulau Ubin, an island getaway

Pulau Ubun is one of Singapore’s outsiders, making it not particularly touristy. The island lacs a general supply of electricity, running water and modern sewage systems which is responsible for the exodus of the local population. All this means that this island has largely retained its charm and authenticity. Here you can see how Singapore was in the 60’s!

  • How do I get to Pulau Ubin?
    • by boat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal from 6 am to 7 pm
    • the ride takes 10 minutes and costs $ 3 per person ($ 2 extra if you are bringing a bike)
    • there are no scheduled departure times, the boat set off only when there are 12 passengers
  • Highlights:
    • Chek Jawa Wetlands
    • 20 m high Jejawi Tower or Pauka Hill, which is the ideal spot for birdwatching
    • visiting the coconut and rubber plantations
    • spotting wild pigs and tropical birds
  • Tip:
    • The ideal way to explore the island is by bike, which you can rent at the kiosks.
Bomen en natuur in Pulau Ubin

True nature on Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin centrum

A fresh coconut after discovering the island

Pulau Ubin bike nature

Discovering the island by bike (and sometimes we’ve cheated)



MacRitchie Reservoir Park, a little jungle of Singapore

MacRitchie Reservoir is Singapore’s oldest reservoir of 12 hectares and is perfect for nature lovers and hikers. Once you arrive at the park, you would even forget that you’re still in Singapore. We chose to do the Treetop Walk, which is about 6 km long (round trip including the TreeTop Walk) and takes 2-3 hours. The ultimate aim of this walk is the 250m long freestanding suspension bridge between the 2 highest points in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve ( MacRitchie Reservoir Park). Along the way you will encounter various tropical plants and animals! There are a lot of squirrels, monkeys (long-tailed Macaques), lizards, giant ants, …

  • How do I get there?
    Bus:  – Via Holland Road; SBS Transit 7, 105, 123, 174 or SMRT 75, 77, 106
    – Via Bukit Timah Road; SBS Transit 66, 151, 153, 154 or SMRT 67, 171
    Train: – Botanic Gardens MRT Station. After that you have to walk for another 15 – 20 minutes
    Taxi:   – There is a Taxi Drop-Off and Pick-Up point at the Visitor Center
  • Tips:
    • Be sure to bring enough water or a bottle that you can refill for free at the entrance
    • Good walking shoes are recommended
    • Level of difficulty is moderate to difficult

Treetop walk, MacRitchie Nature Park

A little monkey in MacRitchie Reservoir Park

MacRitchie nature park animals

A little monkey in MacRitchie Reservoir Park

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