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7 February 2020
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Hamilton Island is known for its good weather all year round and as the closest base to visit Whitsunday Island and Whitehaven Beach. However, this island offers more than expensive hotels and wealthy people driving around in golf buggies. If you want to get to know the island down to the last detail, you can read on here. We count down the nine best activities on this exclusive island in the Whitsundays!


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9. Live Music at Main Pool

An exclusive island like Hamilton Island is most likely to show off its spectacular views. You can visit Catseye Beach and more specifically the Main Pool for such an experience. Both the Main Resort is open to the general public and the Main Pool. Almost every day Hamilton Island gives a live performance at the pool. Would you like a cocktail? Then you swim to the heap of unregulated in the pool. Somewhere behind the pool you’ll find the bar where you can swing to your heart’s content with your card.

In short, on Hamilton Island we learned that you can put your MasterCard in your swimming trunks or bikini and swim on quietly.

8. Fish & Chips at the Marina

Since Hamilton Island has a beautiful harbour, it would be a shame not to enjoy the sunset there. Moreover, it shouldn’t cost much money to consume a quality Aussie meal. It won’t be more Aussie than nibbling Fish & Chips on a picnic table. On top of that, the view is beautiful. The bay has azure blue water that typifies the Whitsundays and the number of yachts here per square meter puts Monaco in shame. You can order a portion here for $13.00 and share it with your partner. Finally, take your golf buggy back to your accommodation and give your wallet a well-deserved rest on the (rather) expensive Hamilton Island.

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7. Spa

When you’ve gone to all the trouble of spending the night on Hamilton Island anyway, it’s best to go all the way and let yourself be pampered. Hamilton Island offers two options to be pampered.

Qualia Resort is the big name of the island. When you stay here you can book a spa treatment from your resort. Qualia is a place where celebrities, rich people and honeymooners go. In short, it’ll cost you a lot of money.

On the other hand, Spa Wumurdaylin. By the way, Hamilton Island is one big company with branches. This means that all establishments and businesses are owned by Hamilton Island Inc. A sixty-minute spa treatment will soon cost you $175. I will repeat, this island is an exclusive place and your bank account will be on a fierce diet.

6. Golfbuggy Rally

The big landmark are the golf buggies that drive around in relaxed fashion. The fun you experience with a buggy is hard to explain. Your inner child simply comes back to life. Especially that of men. As if it isn’t enough to drive around this beautiful island from sunrise to sunset, Hamilton Island organises a golf buggy rally.

To participate, visit the Sports Club at the Reef View Hotel and ask for a golf buggy brochure. Cost is $10 per team (per buggy). It’s an ideal way to explore the island. After you have your folder, drive around and try to solve some trivia questions. You’re also allowed to ask for help from Hamilton Island employees.

Protip! There’s a price for those who have the most correct answers!

hamilton island buggy

5. Whitsunday Island Base

Hamilton Island is the island closest to the peak of the Whitsundays, Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet. That is why we booked our Whitsundays tour here. Moreover, it is only half an hour sailing, which can make a big difference if you get seasick quickly.

If you are interested in making such tours, check out Viator and Bookme for special promotions. It can make a huge difference in price to have a look around. To find out more about what tours are available, read on here.

4. Great Barrier Reef

Despite what many people think, you can’t jump into the sea from the east coast of Australia and snorkel to the Great Barrier Reef. The world famous reef is more than 250 kilometers from the coast. As a result, you are always dependent on an excursion to get you there. Don’t worry, the effort you have to make is worth it. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the great natural wonders of the world. It’s the kind of phenomenon that doesn’t need extra Photoshop to make your eyes fall out of your eye cupboard.

From Hamilton Island you can book tours by boat or plane to experience one of the most memorable days of your life. Because Hamilton Island has one big company, you only have one tour operator to choose from. Hamilton Island Air is what you need to see. If you have to go over budget once, it’s when you book a tour to visit the Great Barrier Reef. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

great barrier reef

3. Hike

The majority of visitors don’t think about putting on their hiking boots and setting off in the tropical temperatures. Still, Hamilton Island is the perfect destination to work up a sweat between the bush. You can find all the detailed options online here.

We toiled our way through the tropical climate to Coral Cove. During our hike we saw wallabies, kangaroos, eagles and owls. Despite the warm weather it was pure enjoyment of views of Catseye Beach and the quiet water during sunset. If you complete the walk you can find at the end a big swing overlooking the sea. The orange and purple shades that reflect in the water during sunset are really priceless. In short, if you want absolute peace and quiet, take a hike to Coral Cove.

2. Catseye Beach activities

Immediately the most popular and largest beach on Hamilton Island. There is an encyclopedia of activities available here. At the Reef View Hotel you can pick up brochures that explain everything in detail. I’ll list the most relevant options here.

  • Water: kayak, snorkel, jetski, wind surfing and diving
  • Strand: volleyball, football and quad racing
  • Main Pool: the immense public swimming pool which you read all about at number nine
  • Hammock: Besides, it’s a holiday! Bring a good book and relax!

1. One Tree Hill Lookout

Every day on Hamilton Island you can experience the sunset with half of the island. It seems as if time stands still during ‘Golden Hour’ because everyone puts themselves on the hill with a snack and a drink. Have a pizza delivered, take your picnic basket with you or hug your lover, a sunset has never been more beautiful than on One Tree Hill.

On top of that you also have the One Tree Hill bar where you have to arrive in time to have a seat. The iniquitous take advantage of their success and start the Happy Hour very early so you’ll have to sacrifice almost half your day to have a good seat for the sunset. Moreover, the snobbery meter scores very high here. Ladies in high heels and dresses and gentlemen in suit and tie. Although seeing and being seen is a thing here, there’s also room for all kinds of travelers. The hill is teeming with bon vivants who experience the magic of Hamilton Island to the fullest.


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