Zillertal The Ski Area in Austria

8 January 2019

Zillertal is a well-known ski area in Austria among connoisseurs. It’s a wide side valley in the Austrian state of Tyrol with the Ziller River as the artery. The best known parts in Zillertal are Mayrhofen and Hintertux. Coincidentally also the two areas that we were exploring while skiing. I’m anything but an expert on skiing areas and skiing holidays so this blog is completely told from the perspective of a newcomer!


Transport to Zillertal

Via Brussels you can choose between flights to Innsbruck or Munich. To Innsbruck is not that easy. You’ll probably have a stopover in France and you’ll spend more money on your flight ticket. To reach Zillertal, it’s best to choose Munich and continue to your destination by shuttle. With you can easily find tickets worth around €100 to Munich. By car is also an option, but then calculate a trip of over ten hours.


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Zillertal hotels

The good thing about a skiing holiday are the hotels. It doesn’t matter which hotels you book, usually a little wellness is there! We stayed in ‘Das Kaltenbach – Apart Hotel‘. A hotel that rents apartments for four people. A very luxurious apartment with two bedrooms, a spacious bathroom, a kitchen and an infrared room. Breakfast is an option here, but I strongly recommend it. There’s a wide range from sweet to salty, from healthy to unhealthy.




The hotel is run by a former bank director and he’s as passionate as they come about the Zillertal area. Das Kaltenbach is a short walk from the ski lifts and is ideally located from the après-ski so that you don’t wake up to the drunken people. The catch of the hotel is without a doubt the view you have of the town when you enter your balcony. Don’t forget to catch this on your camera!




Zillertal 3000

Zillertal 3000 has Mayrhofen and the Hintertux Glacieras as its pillars. The area is attractive for the diversity in slopes. Advanced skiers as well as new skiers will find what they are looking for here. Each area has its own charm because they were originally independent. The ski area has brand new lifts with seat heating, this seems a bit much, but it’s a real added value when it is snowing outside.



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My personal favourite is Mayrhofen, the closest area to our hotel ‘Das Kaltenbach’. You take one lift higher than the valley and you can see the blue and red slopes criss-crossing each other. For me, as a beginner, this was an ideal challenge.

Was my confidence high? Then I skied off to the red slopes in the descent. Was I tired and insecure? Then I kept following the blue slopes.

The system at the Mayrhofen area in combination with our hotel ‘Das Kaltenbach’ was also worth mentioning:

  • Skipass is €50/day
  • You get a ski badge from the hotel
  • All your material is in a locker at the lifts
  • You don’t have to drag anything along to your hotel
  • At the end of your skiing holiday you give everything back to the hotel

Because the slopes here are vast, it seems as if there are never much people. You can ski freely without getting into trouble with the fast, advanced skiers and that feels very liberating.

From seasoned, experienced skiers I was told that the red and black slopes were very challenging. They were as enthusiastic as me about the ski areas. Even hikers were satisfied by reaching the top of the ski area with a breathtaking view as their reward!

Whether you are a skier, snowboarder or hiker, Zillertal is a beautiful nature area that once again shows that the mountains have something magical.


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